CheckMate Enterprise

We’re excited to roll out our latest software, CheckMate Enterprise™, which combines the power of CheckMate Plus™ with mobile technology. CheckMate Enterprise can handle the largest and most complex backflow prevention programs. The software is built with very large operations in mind and for those who have their own testers on staff.

When it’s time to send the backflow testers out in the field, you can assign tests and surveys from the dashboard of CheckMate Enterprise™ and let the technicians do their work directly on a Tablet PC™. When the testing is done, you can transfer the test data directly into your database. No more transcribing paper test forms!

CheckMate Enterprise™ allows you to set tests and survey appointments; assign tests and surveys to specific testers; send test and survey compliance and non-compliance letters; send out appointment reminders; and view overdue and upcoming tests, surveys, tester, surveyor and test kit notifications from our easy to navigate interface.

CheckMate Enterprise™ also integrates seamlessly with bar code systems. CheckMate Enterprise™ allows you to scan in a barcode from a test or survey form and immediately create new records or view facility and device details. You can even search by barcode!




CheckMate Enterprise was developed in cooperation with Weston & Sampson in order to meet the needs of extremely large water system managers. After using and reviewing all of the major cross connection control software applications available, Weston & Sampson approached AmbiTec to further develop CheckMate. What resulted was CheckMate Enterprise, the most comprehensive and full-featured backflow prevention management system in existence.

CheckMate allows a water system management department to:

• View the overall backflow program status at a glance
• Accommodate multiple users and sync data between multiple devices
• Assign facilities to zones to effectively schedule and distribute work to testers and surveyors
• Give a facility a birthday and schedule all its upcoming surveys and device tests on the same day
• Organize, track, and manage all customer notices and compliance letters
• Accurately and quickly enter data on a tablet PC while minimizing data entry effort
• Connect directly to its billing system
Download Demo

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