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For over a decade, AmbiTec® has provided quality cross-connection control management software to commercial, municipal, government and private tester clients. AmbiTec® has the experience, resources and capabilities that water professionals, facility managers and government officials have come to rely on. We are a company that has been involved in assisting large municipalities and government installations in developing complete cross connection management programs, conducting facility surveys and testing backflow prevention devices. CheckMate™ is a user-friendly, Windows™-based family of applications that greatly enhances the data management, organization and presentation of any backflow prevention program. We have made great efforts to maximize the flexibility, ease of use and speed of all our CheckMate™ products. Highlights of the software include complete tracking of backflow prevention assemblies, test kits and testers, complete test history tracking, and comprehensive reporting abilities.

Important Decisions

Ease of Use

When choosing backflow prevention software. there are many important considerations. The software should be easy to use and compatible with your existing systems. All CheckMate™ products run on the Microsoft Windows™ platform and use an intuitive interface that should be familiar to anyone who has used a database program in the past.


Of course, the whole point of having backflow prevention software is to make your job easier and more efficient. CheckMate™ automates many of the common tasks associated with backflow prevention and cross-connection monitoring. All versions of CheckMate™ allow for the automated monitoring of backflow testing, notifying you when a backflow device test is due or past due. Every version allows you to print automatically generated backflow preventer testing notices, as well. These notices are customizable, allowing you to add your own letterhead and look.


With the launch of CheckMate Enterprise™, Ambitec® has allowed backflow testers in the field to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of CheckMate™, as well. Integrating Tablet PC™ technology, CheckMate Enterprise™ allows backflow testers to enter their results directly into their Tablet PC™ and then download that information into your central database; no more paper test kits, no more redundant data entry regarding your backflow preventers and no more data entry errors. The information relevant to the backflow preventer is entered once, and only once, freeing up valuable time.


Ambitec® is committed to giving our customers the best value for their money. In that regard, our licensing set up permits you to add as many backflow preventers, backflow testers, backflow test kits and customer records to your CheckMate™ database as you need without ever having to pay for a new license. Perhaps best of all, there are no annual support contracts with any of Ambitec’s® CheckMate™ backflow prevention software products. We believe that our customer service and user support should always be outstanding and, at the same time, almost never necessary for you to get on with your work.

Checkmate Versions

CheckMate Enterprise

CheckMate Enterprise combines the powerful features of our CheckMate backflow prevention suite with the innovations of mobile computing. Features include seamless integration with barcode systems and Tablet PC techology. CheckMate Enterprise can handle the largest and most complex backflow prevention programs. The software is built with very large operations in mind and for those who have their own testers on staff. Read More

CheckMate Plus

For the backflow prevention needs of large municipalities, military installations and maufacturing facilities, CheckMate Plus is the choice. The program’s ease of use, many features and the familiar and easy to navigate database structure make CheckMate Plus the ideal solution for many of our clients. Read More


CheckMate SE

Checkmate SE offers the capability to efficiently manage cross connection control devices, schedule tests and print letters and notices in a package suitable for independent contractors, plumbers and small municipalities. Don't let the price fool you, Checkmate SE provides powerful features and unlimited record counts to meet the needs of your growing Cross Connection program. Read More

Download Demo

Download a free, fully functional demo version of CheckMate software. Download


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